Dell Customer Service now an uphill task: Make The Best Use Of 24/7 Professional Assistance

Dell is a name that’s counted among the best technical corporations around the world. Best part about them is their policy of keeping customers above everything else. Talking about their products, they belong to high quality and last for years. Also, no other organization can beat Dell customer service, no matter how hard they try.


Solutions For All Problems

Buying laptop, printer or computer is one thing but when it comes to use them wisely, there’s a difference. Dell is always up with technology, which can be seen in their products. Anytime there happens a problem, technical assistance is available at a call. Whatever be the problem, whether looking for dell computer support or dell printer support, it is rectified completely and at the shortest interval of time. Also, the tech support solutions are available 24/7.

Keeping Software & Hardware In The Right State

Problems are quite possible in software as well as hardware. These issues are settled by the executives through remote access. To offer solutions this way, the technicians control user’s computer and view the screen remotely. Without asking for anything else, they proceed to fix the bugs. If the error is in the hardware, it is diagnosed and then the customer is required to send the system to the company. It’s good to know that the warranty period on hardware is one year and after this time, faulty part(s) is replaced in exchange of its amount.

Available Everywhere Across The Globe

Dell serves its people in every part of the world. Every country has its toll free number which is used to connect with the customer care executives. Having said that, if you are facing any issue with your Dell device, simply use your country’s toll free number and connect to the helpers. Yes, it’s that easy.

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How Online Remote Computer Support Is Better Than Onsite Assistance

What you see is what you believe more. This is why some of you might be still sticking to the traditional method of availing computer support which is onsite assistance. World has reached places and you are still stuck at the same place. No matter you are an individual or a business you can both get benefitted with online remote computer support. You will be of course saving more being a business as your requirements might be bigger than that of a home user.

Money makes the difference

Taking up computer support every now and then becomes compulsory as there are many incidences when you cannot handle problems related to your advanced machines on your own. Professional assistance is much needed to save time and your frustration. Freeze computer screen, slow performance, booting problems are few common problems and there are many more to count on fingers.

It is true that whichever way you find out to get resolution for your simple or complex computer problem, you have to spend money for availing a service. But will it not be smart to find out the way that costs you much lesser than the decades old practice? Yes when you take up Asus customer service over phone or via mail you save many dollars in a year.

Other factors that favor remote support

If you think cost is the only factor that supports taking up online support your knowledge is limited. When a person or company hires a remote support company you get exposed to world class support services that guarantee quick resolution of your technical problems in shortest span of time. It is a convenient method to let professional fix your issue without need of you coming out of your comfort zone.

Neither it is needed to carry your Asus laptop to the market nor is it required to let anybody enter your home. Online support is not only fast but convenient and pocket friendly too.

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How Important Is Customer Service For Kaspersky

Kaspersky makes your system well protected from bugs. The broad research, technological advancements and user-friendly features of Kaspersky antivirus makes it popular among users. Every internet user trusts Kaspersky for ensuring its safety from internet security threats. However it is important for you to ascertain that the program is properly installed and upgraded. Unless these two things are ensured at the user end, not even the best antivirus can keep bugs out of your system. Quite similar to other security programs Kaspersky antivirus programs also face some issues such as unsuccessful installation, problems related to uninstallation, system incompatibility issues and update problems.

Undoubtedly Kaspersky antivirus program provides a better internet using environment. Sometimes you encounter lots of difficulties while making access to the software or its features. This is the time when you need professional Kaspersky customer service that is proficient enough to provide you with brilliant technical solutions at affordable prices.


Whenever you face any security issues you should be contacting the geeks to diagnose the actual problem and then address each one of them. The executives provide you a hassle free round the clock service. It is possible that you get notified for only one issue instead of every issue you are facing.

When you have some problems with your Kaspersky virus protection program you ought to seek support for the same. You have two good options for the same-namely onsite and online assistance. As it is very clear by the name itself, onsite assistance reaches you at your place and hence saves lots of your time and efforts for you. You need not to travel to the service center or technician.

The other and even better option is to avail online assistance for fixing the technical issue. The remote support technicians will be making an access to your system by remotely connecting their PC to your device. With this they can find the problem in your program and fix it altogether. You can connect with them over phone or email or chat.

Don’t let the system’s slow speed or frequent hanging of device affect your working efficiency. Situation can be really tricky and serious when you overlook the importance of a properly working antivirus program.

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Instant Tech Support For Gateway Computers

Gateway PC Support

Are you looking for immediate tech support services for your Gateway computer of laptop? If yes, don’t worry, as there are professionals to assist you with the best services. Is your Gateway going through certain errors or glitches? Do you want solutions to remove virus attack? Are you trying to update the drivers? Do you need support with hardware or software? Whatever be your need, technicians can help you industry-best solutions. Without costing you high, they will provide services that are long-term and trustworthy. Be it repair or troubleshooting, feel free to depend on their services.

What Problems Do The Experts Fix?

Well, professional technicians fix almost every sort of fault without creating any inconvenience. Also, they can help you with solutions related to Microsoft products such as Office and Outlook.

Some of the services tech support experts offer include:

  • Reinstalling Windows
  • Microsoft Office & Outlook
  • Upgrading Windows
  • Installing Drivers
  • Blue Screens & Errors
  • Wifi Setup / Support
  • Printer Setup / Support
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Startup & Boot Problems
  • Windows Updates
  • Network Setup / Support
  • Gateway Performance Tuning
  • XS, DX, ZX, NE, & NV Help
  • Computer Setup / Backup
  • Firewall & Security Setup
  • Email Setup & Problems
  • Gateway Software & Hardware
  • Internet Connections & Setup

Besides , they will help you with various other services too.

You will be glad to know that Gateway customer support is available 24/7. This means, be it late night or early morning, you can get the needed help at the needed time. What’s more? As the services are provided remotely, you need not go anywhere.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time and call the experts now. They will attend you at the earliest and fix all the errors. Also, they will guide some useful tips too. Hurry up! Make the call now. You can also reach out to the experts through email or chat.

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Keep Your PC Away From Cyber Threats With Kaspersky

kaspersky support number

Technology is developing every minute. But there’s one more thing that’s developing. Want to know? Well, it is the network of security. You must be knowing about Kaspersky Internet Security, which is an internet security program. Developed by the Kaspersky Lab, it offers overall security to customers and keeps them away from malware & online threats.

Talking about other things, one can expect security against issues such as hacking, phishing and spamming. Owing to all these benefits, the antivirus has become popular among the users. Moreover, it has earned the tag of being the best antivirus programs that covers millions of customers across the globe. Not only this but Kaspersky customer care is also something that is appreciated by customers irrespective of their location.

Let us now discuss some interesting features of this wonderful program:

  1. Performance: When it comes to combine efficiency with protection, this antivirus nails it. The technical support executives are easy to contact and provide solutions that last long; thereby, keeping away all the glitches.
  2. Security: Be it spyware, Trojan horse, viruses, malware, worms or any other threat, they are all kept away; hence, computer of the user is safe 24/7. This way, all their files and important data are protected from being damaged, deleted, lost, stolen or misused.
  3. Simplicity: Offering safe, accessible and easy online process, the security program provides protection along with a account (it is free), which assists the users to deal with and manage their own security without undergoing any issue. What else? The helpline is available 24/7; hence, customers can take the help anytime they are in need.

Ain’t these benefits super exciting? If you are looking forward to protect your computer from any sort of virus attack or online threat, let Kaspersky tech support serve you in the best way. What are you waiting for? Contact the professionals right away.

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Slow Running Computers Are Not Just Age Related Issues

This is quite common with humans that they get slow in walking and performing at work as they age. Is that the answer to your question why is my PC running slow? Well the experts say there is a lot more to it.

Yes you heard it right slow running computers do have other reasons besides their age. If you are of different opine then how will you justify the sluggish behavior of one-month old laptop? This can be easily comprehended if you give a look on the following list of top reasons of reduced efficiency of computers.

Why does it happen to your computer?

You may have bought a new desktop computer for your kids at home. When they come running to you with the speed problems you do not have anything better than to contact computer technical support people. They attend you as their priority at very affordable prices. Thinking to carry your desktop to local computer repair shop will not only be inconvenient but time consuming, money wasting and energy draining exercise.

Better you call the experts to narrate what you are experiencing while running your computer and get the problems sorted before the glimpse.

Not delaying it any further the list has been compiled for you to understand what wrong is happening with your computing machine. If possible try to avoid any mistakes you are making to add years to life of your computer.

You worked on your computer for a long time. Without a reboot a computer cannot work for too long. If it is important to stretch the time you are running your computer for, it is vital to reboot it.

It is not only significant for having the best speed of your computer but also for clearing the cache, clear RAM and tuning your machine up a bit.

Your hard drive is over-occupied– Free hard drive space for your computer is necessary to let it function properly. It is used to store files and data and swap file space for the operation of programs.

There can be some more reason to this that primarily include corrupted hard drive, too many programs running in background and virus infection.

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Guide To Fix a PC That Won’t Start in Safe Mode

pc wont boot

Startup Settings and Advanced Boot Options menus let you start Windows in configured ways. But what to do when other options you try go useless and when the PC starts, you are back at one of such screens?

Startup Setting loop or Advanced Boot Options loop is a usual way in which Windows won’t start. If you are returning back to the Startup Settings or ABO Screen when attempting to enter Safe Mode, below is given a troubleshooting guide.

Fixing a Computer That Stops at Startup Settings or Advanced Boot Options

1. Start Windows in startup method available

It is important to know that each startup method that’s available from the Startup Settings or Advanced Boot Options menu is there and helps to keep away from issues that stop Windows from loading:

  • Start Windows in Safe Mode
  • Start Windows in Low-Resolution Video/Display Mode
  • Start Windows with the Last Known Good Configuration

2. Repair Windows installation

When one or more important Windows files are damaged or missing, Windows return you to the Startup Settings or Advanced Boot Options menu.When Windows is repairing, these files are replaced without changing or removing anything on the computer.

3. Perform System Restore from Advanced Startup Options or System Recovery Options to undo recent changes

Damage to a driver or an important file or registry part can make Windows return to the Startup Settings or Advanced Boot Options menu. Restoring the System returns all these things to the state they were in a time when the PC was working fine.

4. Use System File Checker command and repair protected Windows files

Damaged operating system file prevents from getting past the Startup Settings or Advanced Boot Options menu. The sfc command can be used to fix the issue.

5. Clear the CMOS

Clearing the BIOS memory on the motherboard returns the BIOS settings to factory default levels. Remember, BIOS misconfiguration can lead to Windows that won’t start in Safe Mode.

6. Replace the CMOS battery if computer is old or off for an extended duration of time

CMOS batteries are costly and if stops keeping a charge can lead to strange behavior during the Windows startup process.

7. Reseat everything possible

Reseating reestablishesseveral connections inside the PC and clears up the issue that’s behind Windows getting stuck at the Advanced Boot Options or Startup Settings screen. Reseat the below given hardware to see if Windows start properly:

  • Reseat the memory modules
  • Reseat internal data and power cables
  • Reseat expansion cards

8. Test the RAM

If any of the computer’s RAM modules fails, the system won’t even turn on. However, most of the times, memory fails slowly and works up to a point. If the system memory starts failing, Windows may not start in any mode. Replace the memory and things may work out. If the memory test shows any issue, replacing the memory is the ideal deal.

9. Test the hard drive

If the test shows an issue, replace the hard drive. After this, perform a new installation of Windows. If the test goes fine, it means the hard drive is fine and the reason behind the problem is Windows.

10. Perform a Clean Install of Windows

This will erase the drive Windows is installed on after which install the operating system back from scratch.

Try these tips and and get back your PC in action.

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