Common Acer Computer Problems And Solutions

Computers have travelled a long journey from the time they used to be bulky and huge to their current slim and sleek look. They are not heavy now. Despite of the upgrades in size, power, memory, laptop problems still bother the users pretty much. If the computers are upgraded so have the computer problems. Acer computers are used by a huge chunk of people including the corporate and the home users.

You can find below a quick list of the common computer problems and solutions to them. Even after trying these things at home many times your problem persists so don’t waste and consider dialing Acer support number to avail the reliable remote technical support. Since it is impossible to talk about every possible problem of laptop, the more frequent problems have been discussed below for your reference.


Keyboard problems are more common than you can imagine. Solution to most of them is generally simple. Sometimes people mistakenly press the Number Lock key and half of their keys start acting like numbers. Press number lock key to restore the normal keyboard function.


Snoozing laptop can be more than frustrating. It can be because of the dead battery. Consider plugging in the laptop again. Laptop facing troubles in waking from sleep mode turn it off. You must have power management problem.


When laptop loses its ability to sleep or to enter hibernate mode, this can be a problem with power management hardware or software. For solving this issue, system restore is a good trick.


Slow running laptops is common problem, your sluggish computer can be a hard drive space, malware or the first signs of equipment failure.
There are lots of ways to handle the speed issues including the fast removal of viruses. Viruses are notorious to affect the speed of a healthy computer.

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Breakdown Of Common Computer Security Misconceptions


Computer Security

Majority of the computer users take pride in owning the latest laptop or desktop computer. Little they think while purchasing a new computer about is ways he will take up to make the computer protected from array of cyber security threats. Your and for that matter every user’s computer is prone to plenty of internet security threats. Staying unaware or being stuck in the myths related to cyber security makes you even more vulnerable to the cyber-attacks. Learn from the below given expert advices to understand the reality of the dark side if being dependent on computers and internet. Nowadays, the rate of cybercrime has immensely hooted up and nobody can be certain about the suffice protection.

You are small enough to be targeted by them. So you think you are not rich enough to be in the danger area. Sorry but you have mistaken the hackers and their intentions. They are spreading at a very fast pace leaving behind any discrimination between rich and poor, small and big, entrepreneurs and service class. If you think that the world of internet is huge enough to locate you, the relative insignificant being than you are absolutely wrong. The data stored in your system may seem not that valuable to you but what you don’t have idea of is their ability. They are advanced beyond your imagination that they can paste the cutouts easily to make the picture complete.

Don’t prejudge them and think it cannot happen to you. The fact remains the same it can happen to anybody and everybody.

You don’t need to install or update the antivirus in your system. There are many users who leave their system with no antivirus protection or are least bothered about updating the antivirus. This sheer carelessness brings lots of troubles to your computer and data. Instead of relying on the free online antivirus, avail the services of remote technical support experts to help you with the best antivirus program.

You are now safe to access public c Wi-Fi. There is no security program which is bullet proof. So, the users should never think that they are free to do over internet like visiting the porn websites, downloading attachments rom known and unknown senders and accessing internet at public places. You are inviting the problem.

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