Handling Of Computers That Start But Do Not Display Anything

Computers are probably the most uncertain things to handle in day to day life. Have you ever been in a situation when your computer got started but all what you can see is a black screen? It is actually the most common computer problem, it won’t turn on. In other words, PC does power on but nothing is displayed on the screen. You could see lights on, could hear the fans running inside but nothing showed up on the screen. There can be various reasons behind your monitor not displaying anything.

computer dispaly nothing



Resolving this computer problem may take couple of minutes to hours depending on the actual reason of not displaying anything on computer screen. Follow the steps below to find out the underlying cause.

  • Test your monitor first. Before you do anything literally, which can be more time-consuming and complicated, make sure monitor is working properly. If you could not find anything wrong with monitor, you can go further to troubleshoot the problem. Since it is very much possible that system is working fine but it is the monitor that is at fault.
  • Confirm whether your computer has completed the power cycle. It simply means that your computer should be coming from completely powered off state. In any case make sure your computer was properly reset because it happens often that after resuming from standby or hibernation mode of Windows, it acts as if it is not on. How you can solve the problem is very simple, you should power off computer completely while on power saving mode by holding the power button for couple of seconds. After this, turn on your PC to check whether the problem is solved or not.

If trying rebooting does not help you, you may like to ask the professional tech support people to troubleshoot your problem over phone. They can perform the complicated processes in less of time for common people.

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