Make Your Computer More Secure With 5 Easy And Effective Tips

Can you believe computer was not a necessity 10 years ago? It seems to be an exact contrast position to where you are living today.  People use PCs and laptops at work and at their homes for work and fun both. With so much of indulgence in computers, these are becoming vulnerable to many cyber-crimes. There are more than thinkable potential threats to your computer. You can still do a lot to keep your system from being a victim of cyber-crime if you follow the super cool tips.


Being sporadic in internet usage may help you in making an escape from the hackers’ evil intentions. They generally exploit ‘always on’ internet connections. If you are using computer for long this will go fine until you put on the internet connection. If you can limit yourself and put off your internet router it will be the best thing.


antivurs support

There is a myth prevalent in the industry that the anti-virus companies are responsible for producing viruses and then provide solutions to get your system rid of viruses. However, it has no connection with truth. And the truth is that anti-virus is a must for everyone.



keep password safe

One thing people commonly do is to repeat a password for several sites. You do not know there are eyes following you wherever you are making an access. Refrain yourself from setting the predictable passwords like in relation to your name, title, date of birth, phone number etc.


Most of them are set to catch you in other ways too. It is the fact that many porn sites that are deliberately waiting for you to reach them. There are many existing infected sites and those may infect your system too.



If you think it is cool to visit mall that offers Wi-Fi to the visitors, you are making a mistake. It is seen as a breeding ground to the IT experts. It is better to use your personal internet connection as making use of public Wi-Fi may be enough for exposing you to malicious agents.


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Market Leaders Will Give You the Best Browsing Experience

The use of the internet has increased up to the level of importance where living without browsing seems to be impossible. Web browsing has become as important as eating, drinking and sleeping. Does it seem to be an exaggeration to you? Think of a typical day of your life. Google, Mozilla, Safari, Internet explorer etc. are the most popular internet browsers people across the globe surf on. As the users increase in number on Google Chrome browser, the need of strong Google chrome technical support arises.

google Chrome - smartsnake technical support

For what all you depend on browsing is mentioned in the list below:

  • Your job. Whatever job is of yours, it is impossible to work internet free. A developer, a writer, a doctor all do need internet access as it provides the relevant platform to research and perform.
  • Your home. You need to subscribe TV, you need to pay electricity and phone bills, and all of them are dependent on browsing.
  • Your smartphone. It is actually nothing without web browser. You will not be able to access your mails, message accounts without the browser.
  • Your banking. With advancement of technology, banking has been upgraded to the net banking. It has become very easy and convenient for customers to manage their bank accounts with the help of net banking.
  • Your social life. It is impossible to even imagine the social life of a person who is not there on various social websites.

When compared different web browsers, it was found that Google Chrome is the one that is most widely used. It might surprise you but it has a significant share of the desktop market. It is actually ahead of internet explorer currently. From a user point of view the most attractive features of Google chrome are clean design and ability to handle multiple tabs well.

Mozilla firefox- smartsnake technical support (2)

Mozilla’s browser has also gained a fair market share in recent months. According to the experts, its latest version is quite similar to that of Google. Due to its extreme popularity, people are searching for Mozilla Firefox help to make the use of the browser flawless and hassle free. Customer support is generally focused only when a company sees success and people turn to them to inquire lots of things.

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Instant Acer technical support at affordable price

Acer is a popular brand that deals in variety of IT products. Its standard products are known for fast speed, greater capacity, high quality and economical range.

However, even this brand also undergoes technical faults at times. Thanks to the technicians, fixing these problems is easy at very affordable price. Whether you are facing issue with your Acer smartphone, projector, personal digital assistants, high definition TVs, navigational devices, or server, get world-class remote services at just a single call. Yes, that’s true as Acer help desk aims at providing smooth services to the customers.

Professionals understand the importance of business/work of their clients and hence, make sure to keep them away from the annoying experience by delivering services instantly at easy prices. These Acer customer support technicians are available 24/7 to deal with every type of problem. With their flexible services, uninterrupted work on the particular device is guaranteed.

Anytime you find any issue in your desktop, laptop or printer, call the experts and your problem will be addressed than & there. Reason being, the professionals are expert in troubleshooting and nullifying the errors in shortest possible time. Hassle-free computing is easily available by calling the executives. What else can be interesting than working on devices that offer incredible experience. Be it day or night, get helped with latest technology and enjoy trouble free performance for years.

Best services available

  • Drivers support assistance
  • Setup/installation of printer
  • Connectivity issues
  • Solving software complexities and compatibility issues
  • Handling printer requirements by maintaining its speed and performance
  • Windows installation/repairing for Acer laptops
  • Protection from all online threats
  • Setting up and configuring laptops at affordable rates
  • Networking support for printers (wired/wireless)
  • Software installation support

Without leaving the comfort of home or office, get technical support for Acer products and get your peripheral diagnosed carefully.